Electrical Accessories

Clamp Clamp Clamp
Earth Rod to Cable Clamp DC Tape Clip DC Tape Clip
Square Tape Clamp Square Tape Clamp Multi Points
Flat Type Test Clamp Tape Clip Oblong Test or Junction Clamp
Air Terminal Base Pipe Earthing Clip Re-Bar Clamp
Tank Pipes / Connector Tank Pipes / Connector Tank Pipes / Connector
Tank Pipes / Connector Wiping Gland Pipe and Cable Clamps
Brackets Earth Tag PVC Shroud
Split Bolt Connector Lock Nuts Earth Rod
Split Connected Clamp U-Bolt Connector Clamp Coupler
Rod to Tape Clamp (A Type) Rod to Tape Clamp (A Type) Clamp
Clamp Clamp Clamp


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